My name is Mary. I’m a furniture artist and I’m passionate about refinishing furniture pieces and giving them a new life.

I sell uniquely painted furniture and also offer custom or commission work. You can either choose pieces I have available or have of your own redone.

After years of working in business, I came to the realization that furniture was my passion. I love transforming furniture into beautiful,  classic pieces that families can treasure for years.

I truly believe that anything is possible if you dream hard enough and put the work in. Dreams do come true.

It's Simply Beautiful - Refinished & Refurbished Furniture

Where to find my products:

Contact me at, drop me a note using the form below or stop in to Crosstown Julie Brown if you are interested in purchasing one of my furniture pieces or if you would like to give this wonderful paint a try.

It's Simply Beautiful - Refinished & Refurbished Furniture